"Sometimes a book comes along that has a magical ability to dig it's way into a child's subconscious. Sarah T. Crumb is such a book. It is every parent's dream."

Everyone thought Sarah T. Crumb was dumb.

Her Teachers, Doctors, her classmates, even her parents. Then one day something happened that changed her life and the lives of everyone around her forever. Sarah T. Crumb discovered something that made her smarter than anyone else at school.

Gordon Goodman has invented a clever tale that gets to the roots of curiosity and fascination, the biological "search-engines" that make us willing and eager to fill our heads with knowledge.

Sarah T. Crumb is a story for those beginning to learn and for those who never discovered the cleverly disguised "secret" of learning. It defines, in one simple story, why some things are easy to learn and why some things are hard. But most importantly, Sarah T. Crumb explains why every one of us has the potential to be smart.

(Age Range: 4 thru 8)


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